About Us

L.is.a.Luxury Collection was founded by Lisa Bolden, a native of Birmingham, Alabama who has spent the majority of her adult life in Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC. Ms. Bolden graduated from Spelman College with a degree in Biochemistry and from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, with a MBA in Finance. Over the last 20+ years, Ms. Bolden has worked in the field of multifamily housing development and currently is in the process of developing several multifamily housing residential communities.

Ms. Bolden also has been known to have an innate ability to enhance interior spaces for the purpose of entertaining. From this talent, L.is.a.Luxury Collection was born.

Lisa Bolden

Ms. Bolden's partners with L.is.a.Luxury Collection are her twin daughters, Mckay Bolden and McKenzie Bolden, who are recent graduates of Belmont University and University of California San Diego, respectively. Their degrees in marketing and communications, combined with their artistic skills, make them valuable assets to L.is.a.Luxury Collection.


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